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Shoes vs Bare Foot in the House During COVID-19

Americans are currently sheltering in place, spending a lot of time at home and not supporting their feet with shoes. This is fine when you are sitting at a computer or watching TV; however, it is big mistake when doing chores around the house.  Those who count steps with a device will realize steps add up quickly while working around the house.

Why not use shoes in the house?  Many believe shoes that are worn in the outside world are full of germs. There has also been some evidence that COVID-19 can live on shoes.  It is completely understandable to leave shoes at home entrances to keep the house clean and germ free.

The problem with being barefoot is it creates stress on the plantar fascial ligament, the large ligament on the bottom of the foot that supports the arch.  When stress on the ligament becomes too high, a painful condition known as plantar fasciitis develops and it most commonly causes heel pain. 

The best solution to preventing plantar fasciitis is to purchase in house shoes.  I recommend that my patients wear slip on sneakers such as the New Balance sports slip on 900 or Crocs (there are also other companies that make similar shoes).  This type of shoe is easy to get on and off the foot in the house and at the same time will provide support to the feet. 

New Balance Sport Slip 900
Treating Dry and Cracked feet

Treating Dry and Cracked feet

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Golf and the Foot

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Treatments and cures for sweaty feet

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Making Pedicures Safe

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