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Making Pedicures Safe

As spring and summer begin many women will be heading to local nail spas for pedicures. According to an American Podiatric Medical Association Survey 50% of women aged 18-49 have gone for a professional pedicure by age 25.

Pampering your feet with pedicures can have many positive benefits. Proper grooming and care of your feet helps protect them against the daily stresses applied to them.

However if not done properly pedicures can lead to several medical problems.

Here are some recommendations when planning a pedicure.

Evaluate the salon and make sure it is clean. Ask how the instruments and tubs are cleaned. If you are not satisfied with the answer there are 2 good solutions;

  1. Find another nail salon
  2. Purchase your own pedicure instruments, this is recommended by American Podiatric Medical Association.

Use non acetone nail polish remover it is safer and less toxic.

Allow nails to breathe for a day prior to going for pedicure this is best done by taking of your own nail polish the day prior to a pedicure.

If you note any color changes to the nail, do not cover it with nail polish without having it seen by a podiatrist. This could be a by a fungus that requires treatment and the early it is treated the more successful the outcomes.

There are even some nail polishes such as Dr. Remedy, which is available at, podiatrist and dermatologist offices that contain antifungal medication built in to further reduce the risk of getting fungal infections while using nail polish.

If you are a diabetic or have any kind of neuropathy please see a podiatrist for an evaluation prior to having a pedicure.

Bottom Line is pedicures can be very positive experience with proper precautions.

Dr. Lemberger is a Board Certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery, Chairman Department of Podiatry Centrastate Medical Center, and Director of Medical Education at Centrastate Medical Center and maintains a private practice at 505 Stillwells Corner Road Freehold, NJ. He can be reached at or at his office 732-863-7010.

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