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If I say I hope I never have to see Dr. Lemberger again, it's only because it means I've injured my foot again. But if I ever do have another injury, Dr. Lemberger is the one I would go to without a second thought. He and his staff were courteous and professional and this may have been my first doctor appointment that I was in the exam room at the time of my appointment and Dr. Lemberger was with me just a few moments later. I was literally able to see him on my lunch hour.

Paul Marx January 11, 2019 Old Bridge



I saw Dr Lemberger in 2016 and was impressed with his knowledge and bedside manners. The office was clean and professional, the receptionist was pleasant and welcoming. The doctor took a conservative approach to treatment and was able to resolve my pain. There’s no reason to look elsewhere for a podiatrist- Dr Lemberger is the best around.


Chris August 28, 2018 Freehold, NJ



An absolute, wonderful doctor. Interestingly enough, I was referred to someone else by Urgent Care, but the recommended doctor was not available. From them, I was redirected to Dr. Lemberger - I could not be happier with the way the universe redirected me! Dr. Lemberger is a master of his craft. My broken toe was in good hands!

Truly, there is no one else I would recommend. If you want a terrific experience, see him. Not only is HE great, but the wait time in his office is very minimal, the atmosphere is lovely (his secretaries are super kind), and it's a clean and well-maintained facility. What else can you ask for?

Meredith July 27, 2018 Freehold



Dr. Lemberger is an excellent podiatrist - he really listened to me, and was able to put my injury in the proper context of the events leading up to it. He had patience for all of my questions, and explained how he would treat me, and why, in great detail. He also has a very positive attitude, which is so encouraging when you have a problem.....I have complete trust that he will be able to resolve my issue.


Melanie Parsowith May 1, 2018 Freehold



5 stars... today was the second time DR. Lemberger took care of my foot issue... Confident Quick Easy... Highly Recommend to anyone....


John Mularczyk February 9, 2018 freehold



I have been going to Dr. Lemberger for at least 10 years, and its been a very positive experience. I had one bunion done few years ago, and surprisingly I experienced NO pain at all! No pain meds, and luckily I can do my daily exercise activities thus far with no problems what so ever. I am considering doing my right foot bunion in the near future(as I have learned, that if it interferes with your daily life style(and you cannot find shoes what so ever to fit), then its time to do this elective surgery. If I do this other foot, I would hope its the same experience as last time. Amazing how it turned out. The staff is wonderful, friendly, caring, and Dr. L is also extremely easy to talk with, and he always answers all of my questions(i bring a list when I go so i dont forget what to ask) as is suggested by all my doctors for any patient to do. So if you are considering finding a great podiatrist, please consider Dr. L

D.V October 16, 2017 Freehold NJ



High marks across the board. I was able to make an appointment the same day for severe foot pain. Their intake form is online so that was a huge time saver. I was greeted by a warm and friendly receptionist. (Thanks Susan) . Office is clean, cool, and cozy. Dr Lemberger immediately diagnosed my condition accurately and moved right into treatment. Although the procedure was painful, I walked out of the office feeling much better. Many thanks to the doc and his incredible staff.

Best of Luck


Greg May 18, 2017 Manalapan



Since reaching mid-life, I've developed a condition many are familiar with, gout. It's very painful and sometimes comes on with little or no warning. At the onset of my third flareup and not happy with either of my 2 previous podiatrists, I needed someone new. Out of 4 podiatrists that I called in desperation, Dr. Lemberger, was the only one that would see me knowing how much pain I was in and wanting to help me as quickly as possible. My recovery after being treated was super fast and highly effective. I've been back a few times since that great first experience because he's a doctor who truly cares about his patients and looks to help them manage whatever foot-related condition they have. Always with a kind smile and kind word to help treat the issue AND the patient, Dr. Lemberger is a fantastic man of medicine. I also would be remiss if I didn't give a nod of appreciation to Susan, who ansers the phones at the front desk. Her warm, friendly demeanor over the phone and caring to fit in patients like myself during emergencies is greatly appreciated.

Glenn Fuchs May 3, 2017 Brick, NJ



The best foot doctor and very caring. Very highly recommended.


Sam A May 18, 2016 Freehold



Dr. Lemberger is competent, professional, attentive and amicable healthcare provider that listens to and takes time with his patients during a visit. As a doctor who is mindful of the cost and consistency of treatment, he gave me several options to choose from to address my problem. If you are looking for a knowledgeable podiatrist, I highly recommend Dr. Lemberger.


A. Luciano April 5, 2016


Dr. lemberger was amazing today! My foot was killing me but I was too afraid to go to the doctors until the pain was unbearable. Dr lemberger was so patient and took his time with me. He was able to relieve the pain in my foot while calming me down and answering all of my questions. I have so much respect for him and cannot thank him enough!!!!


Sharon March 14, 2016 Marlboro, nj



I owe my life to Dr. Lemberger!!! After suffering with a tiny ulcer on my pinky toe, I went to primary physician who suspected a vascular issue and sentence to Dr. Lemberger for evaluation... After one look... Dr. Lemberger agreed that it was vascular...and probably a blockage, he sent me immediately to the vascular physician, who confirmed (after testing) that I had a 100% blockage of the abdominal aorta and femoral arteries... Shortly after... I had the bypass surgery ... I am blessed and greatful to say that I am recovering very well... But if it wasn't for Dr. Lemberger I would not be here today! God Bless you! And God Bless my primary Dr. Who sent me to you!!!

Mary P September 4, 2014 Millstone



Dr. Lemberger is the BEST podiatrist . . . and I have been to about 10 different podiatrists! Our family has been seeing him for several years. He is gentle, caring, and knowledgeable. Both my children required a procedure for bad ingrown toenails botched by other local podiatrists; Dr. Lemberger was awesome the way he handled the kids, made the procedure comfortable for them, and was extremely successful in the result. We have returned to him for bunions, broken toes, warts, fungus, infection, arch pain, and more... Dr. Lemberger makes a visit to the podiatrist comfortable. And he is clear with his explanations, conservative with treatments, and overall, an extremely nice man. We were lucky that he took our insurance, but if he didn't, we would go to him anyway!!! All five of us are patients for Life !!!!

Laura B July 20, 2014 Manalapan, NJ

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