Diabetic Foot Care in Freehold NJ

Diabetic Foot Care in Freehold

People with diabetes, either Type 1 or Type 2, have a lot of extra maintenance measures when it comes to their health. Considerations like diet, eye health, and kidney function are all extra work to make sure you’re in good shape. Added to that list is foot care.

Freehold NJ podiatrists know that the things you need to do for proper diabetic foot care are all relatively small and can soon become quite routine. It’s important never to brush them off or try to minimize their importance.

Diabetes causes slower blood circulation. This causes all sorts of health issues and is why people with diabetes need to have more thorough checkups for things like heart conditions. In terms of diabetic foot care, less circulation means that you are less likely to feel when something is wrong with your foot. It also means that it takes more for your foot to heal. These can create dangerous conditions. What may seem like a small issue, like a blister, could lead to amputation when ignored.

The Importance of Preventative Foot Care In Freehold NJ

With proper preventive care, you can avoid that scenario. This is why simple routines, like checking your feet daily, are so important. You’ll also need to have a podiatrist check on your foot health at least once a year. Visiting the podiatrist to have your nails trimmed is also strongly suggested. If you haven’t made this part of your routine in the past, that may seem like a dramatic step. However, Medicare considers it quite important as a preventative measure, so much so that they will cover your nails being trimmed every other month by a podiatrist. Why? Because a small cut to the foot can become a serious problem if you have diabetes. The threat of ingrown toenails and other factors is so much greater when you have diabetes. Visiting your podiatrist at Lemberger Podiatry for proper care is the smart way to keep your life low stress and your feet in great health.

How to Know When You Need to See Your Podiatrist

Seemingly small things are worth a visit to the podiatrist when you’re talking about diabetic foot care.

Is something strange happening to your foot? For example, is there a discolored patch? Is there a spot that itches? Do you have a small injury and you’re not sure how it happened? These are all reasons to go ahead and visit the podiatrist. Sometimes people worry about being “over the top” or being a “bother”, but for diabetic foot care, you always want to be better safe than sorry. Think of it as giving your feet an extra check-up. It never hurts.

Are you just sure something is wrong? The temptation may be to search online to figure out what exactly. Your podiatrist will be able to tell you, though, and you know that with diabetic foot care even if it’s something small, you may have complications the internet isn’t aware of. This is always a sign you need to schedule an appointment.

Have you been tipsy lately? If you are having balance issues, then you need to visit your podiatrist right away. This is a common problem with diabetics and may have a variety of causes.

Taking Good Care of Your Feet

The takeaways for diabetic foot care in Freehold NJ are fairly simple. Have a podiatrist trim your nails for you and have a yearly foot checkup at Lemberger Podiatry, and examine your feet daily. Whenever you have any concerns at all about the shape your feet are in, get on the line and schedule an appointment with your trusted podiatrist. To take good care of your feet in the long term, it’s easiest to have a professional at your side.


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