Flat Feet Pain in Freehold NJ

Flat Feet in Freehold

Many people with flat feet in Freehold NJ barely ever notice they have the condition. It causes them no problems and they never have to worry about flat feet pain. When asked if they have any health concerns, they don’t even remember to mention it, because it is so far from their minds. But for people who do experience flat feet pain, it’s right there at the tip of their tongues when talking to a Freehold NJ podiatrist. They are always aware of it. Flat foot pain can be a minimal issue or can develop into something requiring surgery.

If you’re experiencing flat feet pain, there are things you can do to improve the situation and avoid having it get worse.

What Causes Flat Feet

You may notice that a lot of babies have flat feet. Then, as they grow older and begin walking, the arches develop. For some, that never happens.

That can lead to different problems down the line. During childhood or adulthood, you may experience flat feet pain from various conditions, including Prontis or Tibialis Posterior Tendonitis.

It’s also possible for the feet to become flatter as one ages. Again, you may notice this happening and experience no symptoms at all. Others will experience flat feet pain and need to take measures to prevent this from growing worse.

Caring for Flat Feet in Freehold NJ

If your flat feet pain is growing worse with time, it may be necessary to have surgery. This would be done to repair a damaged or torn tendon, which is a common cause of pain in flat feet. However, surgery is only done in severe cases. For the most part, treating flat feet can be done with at-home treatments and regular visits to a Freehold NJ podiatrist.

Some of your best treatment options may include wearing orthotics, icing your feet to relieve inflammation, supportive taping, and visits to a physical therapist. Your physical therapist can help massage the feet and teach you different exercises that will help relieve pain and stretch the tendon in a healthy way.

Your podiatrist may create custom insoles for your shoes. This will take into account the current way you’re walking and create a support system that will realign how you step and how the pressure from each step is distributed across your foot. Not only can this help correct flat feet, but it can prevent further complications and provide some immediate pain relief in your day-to-day life.

Both your podiatrist and your physical therapist may recommend different exercise reasons that will help stretch out the feet and prevent pain. One of the solutions that may be brought up, and is one of the most popular, is to use a tennis ball to stretch the feet. This is easy to do. All you need is to get a tennis ball and sit straight up in a chair. Place the ball under your foot and then move your foot so the ball massages your sole, going up and down and then side to side. Do this for approximately three minutes on each foot once a day.

If your flat feet pain is growing worse, make sure to check in with your podiatrist at Lemberger Podiatry. Ignoring the pain will only make it grow worse with time, and then you’ll need to do more to correct whatever is causing the issue. If you have questions about your foot health, get in touch with a professional today.


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